Four Junior Colleges to Be Rebuilt and Upgraded by 2025

Four Junior Colleges to Be Rebuilt and Upgraded by 2025

URA to cut Anderson Serangoon JCs land area by a third as MOE considers building taller schools

The Government has revealed that four junior colleges are set to be rebuilt and upgraded by 2025. The first phase will begin in 2022 and involve the rebuilding of Jurong Pioneer JC, Anderson Serangoon JC and Yishun Innova JC.

Jurong Pioneer JC to be built at site of former Pioneer JC

The Jurong Pioneer JC (JPJC) will be redeveloped on the former site of Pioneer JC and will be closer to the Jurong Lake District. It will also be accessible via the Jurong Region MRT Line. The three existing JCs will be upgraded as well. According to Mr Ong, the new JCs will be equipped with digital technologies and modular seminar rooms.

Pioneer Junior College gained ground in 2004 with the opening ceremony officiated by the Acting Minister for Education. In 2005, Mr Kwek Hiok Chuang, the founding Principal of the PJC, stepped down and Mrs Tan-Kek Lee Yong took over. The Sirius Scholars’ Programme also opened doors for the Pioneers.

The government is planning to rebuild or upgrade four junior colleges in the next five years. The first phase of the revamping programme will take place in 2022. The second and third phases will include the rebuilding of Tampines Meridian JC and the Victoria JC. The plan also involves upgrading the government-aided JCs. The new colleges will cater for the needs of the future generation.

Jurong Innova JC to relocate to Woodlands

Jurong Innova JC is set to relocate to Woodlands as URA reduces Anderson Serangoon JC land area by one-third. The move to Woodlands will help students and families in the surrounding neighbourhoods to better access schools and public services. The new school will provide a more inclusive education for its students.

Jurong Innova JC, which is currently situated on Yishun Ring Road, will relocate to a new campus in Woodlands. The former Innova JC campus was set up in 2005. The new campus will be furnished and the new location will be closer to the Thomson-East Coast MRT line.

The project will affect six schools, including two primary schools and two secondary schools. It will also affect four junior colleges. According to the MOE, construction works for two of these schools will be delayed by one to two years. In the meantime, the existing three secondary schools will continue to operate at their current locations. However, the two new secondary schools will make necessary arrangements to make their campuses conducive to learning.